| HistoricWoW | Bringing back The burning Crusade the way it used to be!

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    | HistoricWoW | Bringing back The burning Crusade the way it used to be!

    Bringing back The burning crusade the way it used to be
    Greetings i'm here today to present to you a new dedicated to bringing you a complete Blizz-like Burning crusade expansion no customs just a completely blizz-like experience Complete with working Raids ,instances ,Battle Grounds and Arena's
    Class Specifications
    DRUID 98% working class spells
    HUNTER 98% working class spells
    PRIEST 98% working class spells
    MAGE 98% class spells working
    PALADIN 98% working class spells
    ROGUE 98% working class spells
    SHAMAN 98% working class spells
    WARLOCK 98% working class spells
    WARRIOR 98% working class spells

    Instances Karazhan 100% scripted and working as intended including chess Event
    Magtheridon's Lair 100% working and scripted
    Serpentshrine Cavern 100% working and scripted
    Tempest Keep: The Eye 100% working and scripted
    Battle for Mount Hyjal 100% working and scripted Black Temple 80% working and scripted
    Sunwell Plateau 70% working and scripted
    World Bosses 100% working
    our servers specs: Dual Xeon X5650 Hexa-Core CPUs @ 2.66 GHz
    32 GB of RAM
    1tb SSD1GPS connection

    Website Click here
    Registration page: click here
    Fourums : click here