ZoNeWoW OriGiN 3.3.5a and

ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent 2.4.3

ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent and OriGiN offers you brand new experience!
New sets! 150 lvl! New leveling zones for Horde and Alliance (70+)!
And much much more!
Remember to clear cache before you join! We have almost 500 new items!

Server Info :

-Events Everyday, PVP, Hide & Seek, Class PVP, Fashion, Music, Jumping and much much more!
-New Instances, Eredar Sanctuary, Salvation Instance, The Cave!
-New 150lvl Sets, wanna have 100k hp? Its not a problem!
-Malls in Stormwind and Orgrimmar! Buy items and skill up your professions here!
-Portals to Arenas and Major Cities! Gurubashi, Nagrand and much more...
-Friendly GMs - remember to respect them :)
-Server 24/7 Online!

Server Rates :

Level Cap: 150
Drop rates:
Items = 40 x Blizzlike
Money = 40 x Blizzlike

Experience rates:
Kill = 55 x Blizzlike
Quest = 50 x Blizzlike
Explore = 20 x Blizzlike

Resting Rates:
City or Tavern = 35 x Blizzlike
In Game = 20 x Blizzlike
In wilderness = 25 x Blizzlike

Realmlist :

For 3.3.5a
set realmlist

For 2.4.3
set realmlist

Help links:

Home page: ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent Terms of Service
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Home forum: ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent Terms of Service
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