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    happy Zonewow 3.3.5 y 2.4.3!! High Rate Custom items


    ZoNeWoW OriGiN 3.3.5a and

    ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent 2.4.3

    ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent and OriGiN offers you brand new experience!
    New sets! 150 lvl! New leveling zones for Horde and Alliance (70+)!
    And much much more!
    Remember to clear cache before you join! We have almost 500 new items!

    Server Info :

    -Events Everyday, PVP, Hide & Seek, Class PVP, Fashion, Music, Jumping and much much more!
    -New Instances, Eredar Sanctuary, Salvation Instance, The Cave!
    -New 150lvl Sets, wanna have 100k hp? Its not a problem!
    -Malls in Stormwind and Orgrimmar! Buy items and skill up your professions here!
    -Portals to Arenas and Major Cities! Gurubashi, Nagrand and much more...
    -Friendly GMs - remember to respect them :)
    -Server 24/7 Online!

    Server Rates :

    Level Cap: 150
    Drop rates:
    Items = 40 x Blizzlike
    Money = 40 x Blizzlike

    Experience rates:
    Kill = 55 x Blizzlike
    Quest = 50 x Blizzlike
    Explore = 20 x Blizzlike

    Resting Rates:
    City or Tavern = 35 x Blizzlike
    In Game = 20 x Blizzlike
    In wilderness = 25 x Blizzlike

    Realmlist :

    For 3.3.5a
    set realmlist host.servegame.com

    For 2.4.3
    set realmlist zonewow.selfip.com

    Help links:

    Home page: ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent Terms of Service
    Registration: ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent Terms of Service
    Home forum: ZoNeWoW EnterTainMent Terms of Service
    Facebook page: https://facebook.com/ZoneWow

    Join Us Today! We wont disappoint You!!

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