[Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

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    [Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

    So, you're posting an advertisement for your sever.
    How do you make it look good as possible?

    • Clear, simple, proper English explaining your servers features
    • Along with rates, make sure custom unique features are near the top of your features list
    • Don't image spam useless screenshots
    • Please for the love of god don't ask people to join your freeforums website. Get a proper hosting package
    • Don't even bother advertising your server if it isn't Kore protected it'll get crashed repeatedly
    • Sound professional don't post two lines and spam the thumbs up emoticon with broken English saying "JOINZ PLZZZZZ"

      That should be all? Try and do your best or your ad will become one of the many to just be over-looked.

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    Re: [Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

    Should be stickied. Nice :)
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    Re: [Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

    What most advertisements lack , I'm tired of seeing a lobby that everyone sees most of the time.

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    Re: [Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

    Not really important, but the person should make sure that they have permission to remake a server. Other than that the server should have a reasonable name.

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    Re: [Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

    This is more of a generic list. More importantly for GunZ PS that I've seen lately, it's good to have a unique theme (or game-interface) and as the person above said, have permission to use the name you're using (if it was previously a server).

    Also-- I've seen posts, and bashing regarding old database usage. Whatever the reason may be for someone using an old database, it's becoming more and more apparent that if you're creating a new server, start fresh. It's more ideal.

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    Re: [Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

    Another tip , It's best not to take content from other servers and claim them as your own.

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    Re: [Tips] GunZ Server Ads.

    Thread stuck.