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    RaiderZ Section Rules


    This section is for RaiderZ Server development and discussion only. Any posts/threads that are off topic may be deleted.

    These rules apply to all Sub-Sections.

    You must follow all of the RaGEZONE Rules, including but not limited to the following:

    Server Advertisements belong in Private Server Advertisements.

    Use the Team Recruitment section for recruiting in any form or manner.

    Post in English only
    Or provide a full translation.

    Do not spam.
    Any post consisting of single words like "thanks", "nice" etc. is spam. Use the "Like" feature.
    Keep your posts on topic.
    Do not double post, edit if needed.

    Do not flame.
    Respect other members, name calling and other flaming is not acceptable.

    Do not post bots, hacks or warez.

    Buying/Selling is not allowed
    Selling server files is not permitted on Ragezone.
    The Merchant Zone is for selling services/items.

    Post in the correct Section:
    Development is not a "show off" section - post Development related issues only!
    Releases are for actual releases only -Not previews or "upcoming" releases.
    Tutorials section is not a Help section - it is for "how to" tutorials. Do not post help questions here.
    You can request help in the main section.

    Failure to follow these rules may result in an infraction. Repeat offenders may have their accounts banned.
    By posting in this section, you AGREE to all of the above.

    NOTE : These rules may change without prior notification.
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