Wanna start new server

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    Wanna start new server

    Hey guys,

    this section is not rly good visited and much links don´t work anymore or it give some...rly good stuff or lists what a man need to setup a server..so I wanna ask for some stuff to need to create/manage a server...

    1. Which server files a better? I searched some and I read that the alpha serverfiles are the best, there are bugfixxed and better as the bola files because the alpha files have a source?! I don´t know why it´s so interesting that u have a source (Sorry I don´t rly know it but I want to know that)

    2. I read in this forum that it gives some tools to create new world, to edit models and and and in one pack (2 packs) from...let me lie...it called "SoulHunters Devkit" or something, can I edit with this tools my server and something?

    3. Gives a tutorial for setting up a server? I found some but once was bad quality and gives on much ppl error, once (The newest on january/february) gives many errors to much ppl and and and

    4. What I need to setup a server? I know that u need Sql server on a windows root and and and but I need more as only a sql server? I know it from cabal server that u need a centos too

    5. Which expansions gives for raiderz to add new stuff? Also "Mods" for the server?

    I hope some guys can explain me a bit about raiderz develope and maybe I can help other ppl when I´m getting a bit in and understand that, so I can help other ppl and I saw that much ppl wanna work together or want good released that they apply some

    thank you very much! (:
    best regards