i wanna my private server edit...

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    i wanna my private server edit...

    i wanna my private server edit...
    when I edit some xml files
    when i edit red potion hp 50 to hp 1, it apply in game.
    ( + but the other , not apply (str, int, dex, attck, etc) )

    but when i edit red potion's explanation, it doesn't apply in game....

    (wz-string.wz-quest) in here, there are many xml files, so when i edit this, not apply in game too.

    (this all files are in my private server folder, not client)
    pls help me
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    Re: i wanna my private server edit...

    You can only change item descriptions by editing the wz files. Some things can only be edited by changing private server xmls, some things can only be changed by editing the client's wz files. It's best if your private server xmls and wz files always have the same info.