[Release] WZ Link Parser

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    [Release] WZ Link Parser
    Hello, Everyone.

    I found a very interesting tool in Korea MapleStory Private Server Development Forum.
    This links images processed with the inlink and outlink property.

    Here's how to use this tool.

    1. Click '작업 폴더 생성' button to create 'XML_Working' folder.
    2. Create a wz folder.
    3. Add an xml file inside the folder.
    4. Click the '시작' button to run the task.
    ex) Character.wz> 00002000.img.xml

    If the operation fails or an error occurs, the log file is logged.

    It has been modified and translated for korean.
    If is there any guy need this, try.


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    Re: [Release] WZ Link Parser

    Thank you very much. I had a hard time doing it one by one. 정말 감사합니다.

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    Re: [Release] WZ Link Parser

    which forum can give link?
    and thanks for share

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    Re: [Release] WZ Link Parser

    I kept getting errors. I followed the instruction, placed all the XML in the NPC.wz folder. I'm currently doing it for v83.

    No log file was logged too.