CatchChallenger map format

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    idea CatchChallenger map format

    I invite you to test the map CatchChallenger format.
    The format is 100% opensource compatible. It's xml, png, tmx, all the be parsed with lot of tools like site generator wiki (media wiki).
    I give to you a test pokemon datapack converted from pokenet/pokemium via a converter, I'm not the owner and responsive of this content.
    Mostly you have:
    • All related to map is visually on map (door, wrapper, border balise, bot), no more other file to open with obscure coordinate (produce lot of errors)
    • The translation is integrated into a same file, and the logic + text is merged and structured into xml (Less confuse and better to translate). Have native and clean integration of translation at all level
    • Lot of bug are detected during the conversion and fixed (like wrapper or bot out of map), automatically detected and reported into native format
    • Strong metadata support to have details on the current map (name, region, type, music, ...), classified item/monster
    • Flexible and arbitrary zone type: water, lava or what do you want (you can define if you walk, swim, fish, ... into this zone and with what condition eg an object) and the monster for each zone (you can have multiple monster zone on same map)
    • Conditional door (reserved to the clan who have captured the city into TvT), reputation level, X level (eg: crafting), quests
    • Industries eg X3, crafting, farming
    • More flexible stuff (type effective, ...)

    Say me if you are interested for more details on CatchChallenger, I will do a topic of presentation. But this topic is more to get how do you see this format.