[HELP] Browser Based Pokemon Game

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    [HELP] Browser Based Pokemon Game

    Hey guys,

    For years now I've been working on Habbo retros, but recently I've come across a browser based Pokemon MMO that I can't stop playing. It's called "Pokemon Legends". It's an incredibly addicting browser based Pokemon game that has the look and feel of the old Pokemon games we played as kids, just in color, and with almost every gen of Pokemon..

    That being said, I'm looking to get into Pokemon MMOs and was wondering where I'd start to create something similar. For Habbo you download everything such as the emulator, the database, the cms, the client, etc. And then youre free to edit it. I was wondering if thats the case with these browser based client Pokemon games and if so what would be the right files to search for.

    Any info helps! Just looking for a push in the right direction, maybe some links to tutorials to help me setup a basic browser based on my pc with xampp and navicat or something? Again, anything helps!

    Thank you!

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    Re: [HELP] Browser Based Pokemon Game

    Look in the release section. There's a few decent browser based sources started with.