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    ! [ISO] Browser Based Pokemon

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to Pokemon private servers, but I used to make Habbo private servers so I have a good understanding of whats ahead of me about how to get everything to work.. But since I am new I need some help finding what the best route to go is when it comes to sources etc. I personally LOVE pokemonlegends.com (Browser Based) and Pokemon-revoltions-online.net (Downloadable Client).

    I'm not opposed to the downloadable client, but I'd really like to have a browser based one like pokemonlegends.com. Incorporating trade into the website and all that. If you guys could point me in the right direction that would be great. What I've gathered is people download sources and build off of them. So maybe you guys can guide me to the perfect source for browser based pokemon to build off of. It would be greatly apppreciated.

    Currently my home computer is set up with localhost, xampp, navicat, mysqls, etc so all I need is a DB, server, files, etc to load into htdocs.

    Anything helps. And please don't respond with "All you have to do is Google..." I would but I don't know what to google yet, it's all new xD

    So a quick overview of what I think I need:

    - Preferably Browser Based Source
    - DB
    - Server
    - Web Templates

    Remember I am totally new so if I'm missing anything please let me know.

    Thank you ahead of time!

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