new pokemon game

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    new pokemon game

    so i have some experiencie on mysql, php and css, and im searching for a good base file with no bugs(or nothing serious) need features:
    1 -dont want something with a million functions like boats or mini games or all regions(i will make one region map but change regions depend on pokemons real game locations)
    2 -a base map dont need all a region make but some maps to understand the way it goes
    3 -a fast battle system
    4 -full db on pokemons at least gen 4, until platinium i think, the new gens i will add some manually
    5 -dont need pdo or so secure db i do it later
    6 -dont need vip system i make it also then
    7 -trade system i think it will be easy also
    8 -need help on create npc and drop items if someone in a few codes do it in one map i will do it for the all map, the reason i want is for the main quest or hidden locations drop a master ball or a evolution stone for ex, events..
    8-need help create maps(see some working with 0 and 1) a long time ago
    9-need to understand the way system gives random nature stats for pokemons, to like receive a pokemon with normal coins in rare hours or a try to catch only a legendary for all the players at once

    like insert into tablexxx pokemon id(given my system), the id pokemon trainer, the stats random(10,12) attack random nature(5% for adamant 15% naive..) or how is that set..

    if anyone know some answers please tell me below a link or explanation or even a yt video or forums im a quick learner xd

    lets make the world best pokemon game equal to all players!!

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    Re: new pokemon game

    thnx i will take a look