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    advertise on ragezone

    Hello guys,

    Just letting you know allot of the old sponsored banners have expired and we got allot of sections ready to be taken and best of all payment can be made by paypal! Price per section is $25 - $50 depending on activity.

    List of popular available sections;

    Cabal; Server Developments - Cabal Online at
    Gunz; Server Developments - Gunz Online at
    Habbo ; Server Developments - Habbo Hotel at
    Lineage; Server Developments - Lineage 2 - L2J at
    Ran; Server Developments - Ran Online at

    Habbo servers; Private Servers - Habbo Servers at
    Maple servers; Private Servers - MapleStory Servers at
    Mu servers; Private Servers - MU Servers at

    Also we got the top right rotational slot available for $25 per month, interested? email us at .


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    I always forget but the advertisements come with a free subscription, be sure to include your forum name in the event I forget.
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