Automated Paypal / Card subscriptions now live!

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    Automated Paypal / Card subscriptions now live!


    You can now subscribe via paypal without requesting payment details. To pay simply visit our subscription page here and proceed. You will notice our payment system says "2checkout" but do not be alarmed, this is normal! Inside our 2checkout payment page you will be required to fill in your payment details (such as name and address). Be sure to insert a real home address because our system uses an anti-fraud check therefore upon using incorrect credentials (such as fake address or an ip that does not match the home location) then your account will automatically be banned. After inserting the required information you can then choose to either pay via Paypal (a button will appear) or your debit/credit card!

    Additional notes;

    • If the Paypal button is not visible when subscribing then be sure to update the currency to $ USD.
    • If you are using Firefox plus master-card and have had your transaction declined despite the information being correct then simply clear your browsers cache and all cookies related to
    • All payments are NON refundable.

    There you have it. Happy subscribing.
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