DDoS Protection (Is your current host good enough ?)

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    wink DDoS Protection (Is your current host good enough ?)

    DDoS Protection (Is your current host good enough ?)
    Dear, Ragezone Community.

    We'd like to ask for you, if you judge your current hosting provider safe enough ? Is it good against DDoS Attacks ? Does it offer any DDoS Protection for your services at all ?

    In case you're noticing issues, we can help, with our HTS Service, we're able to protect an entire DC Network against DDoS Attacks (Yes, not only a single server, but all the servers at once).

    If you wanna help your current hosting provider to become safe and stable, be sure that we can also help on this mission.

    Let your network admin, to know about this service: (HTS Tunneling)

    However, if you need a single DDoS Protected Dedicated Server or Cloud Server, we're also able to provide it for you. ;)

    Once the company hire this service, they will connect their network, within our network, becoming this way, DDoS Protected. ;)
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