Dedicated Servers: HP/DS-1 / HP-DS-3 limited offer (33% OFF)

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    wink Dedicated Servers: HP/DS-1 / HP-DS-3 limited offer (33% OFF)

    Hello, RaGEZONE Community !

    We're proud to announce the 33% OFF Permanent/Lifetime discount in our HP/DS-1 and HP/DS-3 Dedicated Servers (While the stocks last and for a few units only, also this only apply for new orders), they are suitable for any projects.

    - DDoS Protection included, up to 100 Gbps. (We will also help you in specific problems to get them resolved).
    - RAID 1 (Mirroring to safe guard your server during a disk failure, allowing real time replacement without downtime).
    - Premium Hardware RAID Controller (512 MB Fast Cache).
    - High quality support services.

    Interested ? Check it out:

    ** OVH is no match for us, when it comes to Support Services and DDoS Mitigation quality. **
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