Developer rank has been added!

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    Developer rank has been added!


    I've finally created a developer rank for special users. To be eligible to earn this rank you must be a well known and established member of the community (at least 1 year membership) and have at least contributed to RZ/MMO development scene or helped members with their developments.

    This rank is a special rank and by that I mean its only for the select few. The developers will be given access to their own private section with other developers, they'll receive several perks and will get the public recognition they deserve. To get the rank there are three ways as of right now.

    1. Post your nomination/reason on our FB page here.
    2. PM me why YOU deserve the rank (include your releases , help and so on that will help persuade me).
    3. Get a nomination from another developer with the active rank.

    That's right, you'll need to EARN IT.

    Madison Fan Club Member : #1 . Thank you <3