Dodian (Uber Server) Source Released (RuneScape MileStone!)

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    Post Dodian (Uber Server) Source Released (RuneScape MileStone!)

    Hi Everyone!

    Today is the big release day of the server source code! Normally we don’t globally announce EMU files however this time is different. For some time now RuneScape has been at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to private server development. Most servers were simply do a command and get “free stuff”

    Up until this release there was only one server that actually saved to a MySQL database – and this source’s developer had stopped development (from what I understand). Most servers could easily be crashed simply by flooding the servers with nulls, auto-clicking at an accelerated rate, or simply exploiting one of the 10 billion bugs each server contained.

    This is a very big deal! Hopefully this release will revive the nearly dead development rate of REAL runescape private servers:flag_schw

    This source is different because (of):
    • Server Stability (Can hold nearly 3x as many players are normal servers)
    • Ability to integrate with a website (Web based modcp)
    • The game DB and forum DB are connected (In many many ways)
    • Web-based ModCP
    • Few bugs
    • More realistic features. Things as simple as walking to an object before performing an action.
    • The base is strong enough to support REAL development and none of that command/object adding crap we always see.
    Those are only a FEW of the things that make this server better. We encourage ALL developers who have an interest in runescape to take a look at this source. Please note that this source is noob-proof…meaning you need to know a thing or two about common sense developing in order to run it.

    Bitblaster and I do have plans to develop it but we will post more information about this development project in the runescape section.

    Thanks Creators Of Uber! You did a fantastic job (-;

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