Downtime explained

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    Downtime explained


    I want to say sorry for the downtime yesterday and this morning. We suffered a power supply failure and we are on a custom build provided to us by HostKey and whilst they do have onsite 24/7 technicians to fix all problems this one was out of their hands given there was no compatable PSU available so one was ordered immediately and arrived and installed 12 hours later.

    So thanks again to HostKey and if you want safe offshore hosting for all your private server (or even to host a website dedicated to distributing some material deemed controversial) then checkout our sponsor HostKey! For dedicated Russian servers click here.


    If you checked our official facebook page as per numerous recommendations you would be aware of the situation so next time, please LIKE our page and follow for up-to-date news. We are also giving away several subscriptions on Facebook later too.
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