Downtime news, Topsite updates and downtime discounts!

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    Downtime news, Topsite updates and downtime discounts!


    First I would like to apologies for the downtime today. There was an error with the servers time sync that caused the posts to jump 11 hours in-front and rather than create a backup, run a query and attempt to fix then switch over to the new database (Which will take HOURS due to our database size) we simply decided to wait it out.

    As a gift for the hardcore users I'm giving 20% off all subscription purchases (except Elite Subscription) for the next 48 hours. Simply create a thread in the account support section and request payment details, upon checking out use the coupon code "SORRY" for the 20% discount to be activated.

    We also made alteration to the RaGEZONE topsites , most noticeably is the ability to 3 banners that can either rotate or use a static image of your choosing. If you would like a 'GOLD' status featured next to your website as per out listing then email dan(at) to arrange an upgrade, the fee is only $5 per month.

    Thank you all!
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