Estimated time for opening!

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    Estimated time for opening!

    This is the current point of the situation!

    has u can all see the server is still up and running, i have changed the name so no1 can access it.

    The new server parts were supost to be here already, problem is the damn processors are all sold out in portugal, anyway , im w8ing for the processor and the mother board! has soon i get those ill just have to assemble everything , install win2000 server and the server will be up!!
    So stop asking me on msn when will the server be up!!coz it's not up to me now, we all will have to w8 now!! i was hopping to get it up this week but i can't promise anything!
    Till then we all play COUNTER STRIKE (hehehehe) we can open a CS RZ server!!!!!!
    make some great fights!!!