Happy Newyear!

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy new year!

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    All your years are belong to us! =D

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy New Year to all my Moderator Friends in RZ .. Happy New Year 2008 , May the Almighty God Bless us all & our favorite RZ for an eternity..


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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy newyear!

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy New Year!

    NoPeace - out
    Quote Originally Posted by DonTonberry View Post
    Then We Can Throw Cyber Confetti And Have A Cyber Wedding Reception At Some Cyber Function Hall, While All The Cyber Guests Eat Cyber Food And Drink Cyber Alcohol.

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy New Year 08

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy 2k8 , and many candies for you all to suck ! :SniperHea

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy New Year, I hope we can make 2008 the best year in RZ History... But sadly Without the internet I am unable to do much work. To the members who are reading this, here is what I aim to achieve for 2008;

    More stability
    More user friendly community
    More functions

    On a side note, We shall be upgrading in the future to the brand new version of vbulletin, which comes with many fantastic features, which you can read about here;

    vBulletin 3.7 First Look! - vBulletin Community Forum

    Note; the topic shows administration and moderation features plus user abilities too, such as myspace esq style profiles.

    Madison Fan Club Member : #1 . Thank you <3

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    Re: Happy Newyear!

    Happy belated New Year!

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