Here's a special promotion for you !

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    Here's a special promotion for you !

    Here's a special promotion for you !
    We have in stock 8x HP/DS-1 (DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers) units, going at 20% discounted pricing (permanently while you have this server with us).
    Please note that this offer is only valid for these 8x HP/DS-1 units until the stocks last. (You may query our sales department at or Live Sales).

    All the servers are DDoS Protected by default. You can see extra details at : Dedicated Servers - DDoS Protected Dedicated Server
    The dedicated servers does have the following specs :
    CPU: Xeon E3-1240v3 (4 cores / 8 threads)
    RAM : 16 GB
    HDD : 2 x 500GB HDD (RAID 1 / Hardware Mirroring)
    NIC Port : 1 Gbps
    Bandwidth : 20 TB / month.
    IP : /30 (1x Usable)
    The base pricing for this offer is [20% OFF] : USD 287.99/month
    (The normal pricing is USD 359.99/month)
    If necessary you can get extra bandwidth or IP addresses at the included discounted level (Quote us at or Live Sales).

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