The Legend of Mir 3 Server

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    The Legend of Mir 3 Server

    The past few months have been rocky in that department, first a host that quit in a matter of days, and we do apologize for that, we know the hassle of having to restart again and again, and while we did try to rescue that, it unfortunaly didn't work.

    So here we are with a fresh start after long-time host Johnyl1, who hosted RaGEZONE Legend of Mir 2 and 3 for years, offered to host once again.
    Johnyl1 was infact our first host ever, and played a large role into making RZ what is today, and we hope that he will play a large role once again in this community.

    So i welcome you all to join our new server and have some fun!

    All the info you need to play this server can be found in the stickies of this section - Legend Of Mir 3 - MMORPG Development Forums - RaGEZONE (sponsored by

    Again, enjoy the server!

    RaGEZONE Staff