A Note To All Members On Mu Section

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    Exclamation A Note To All Members On Mu Section

    IF your THREAD got deleted , its because there was a REASON for doing it DO NOT COMPLAIN

    IF YOU GOT BANNED for 1-7 days , do not complain ( Reason for banning was because you continued to make the thread ( or another Stupid Thread ) or even started cussing on the MODS

    - Reason for any Thread to be deleted = SCAMS , Bad Threads ( Adverstiment on the wrong section )

    ASKING FOR SOMETHING THAT THERE's on the Stickis or already POST = Delete Thread cos you didnt USED the SEARCH

    Any info is already there JUST LEARN TO Search , MODS or other members ARENT Here to give all your answer , SEARCH them , if they dont exist then ASK

    ( PS - IF i find anyone that posts a thread and he says he didnt found the info ,and I by USING the search Find it , i Swear I'll ban him)
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