RaGEZONE GTA SA:MP Server Opening!

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    RaGEZONE GTA SA:MP Server Opening!

    Thank you SkyCut

    The Offical RaGEZONE GTA Server is now Online!

    IP :furymu.mine.nu

    Gamemode : A completely Custom GameMode, Features listed below.

    common commands:
    -/register <password>
    -/login <password>
    -/help or/info
    -/commands (shows all the available commands)
    -/report <player> <reason>

    admin commands:
    -/kick <player> <reason>
    -/warn <player> <reason>
    -/ban <player> <reason> (ipban+nameban) (especially for hackers)
    -/makeadmin <player> <adminlevel> (adminlvl should be 1 for mod, 2 for supermod, and 3 for admin)(only for admin (lvl3))
    -/txt <message> Send notification to everyone (only for supermods and up (cuz some mods might use it to chat -_-")).
    -/check <playername> Shows some info about the player
    -/givemoney <playername> (for supermods and admins)

    rcon admin commands:
    -/makemeadmin (makes you admin (adminlvl3))
    -all the standard rcon commands