OUT NOW! - New ragezone gunz server - open beta!

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    OUT NOW! - New ragezone gunz server - open beta!

    Starting today Ragezone is proud to announce open beta testing for our new GunZ server.

    The server is now live, registration is open and everyone is invited to take part in our public testing for RaGEZONE's latest addition to our free servers.

    GunZ isn't an MMO, it is a fast paced action game you should all be playing! To read more about GunZ if you are new to this old gem [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GunZ:_The_Duel"]click here.[/ame]

    Click here to go to our newly opened section for RaGEZONE GunZ! All details are in the section sticky.

    I will be playing this server myself, so for a chance to shoot at me, download the client right now!
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