Ragezone Outage Explanation

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    Ragezone Outage Explanation

    Hey there,

    Below is a report we posted to Kryptodev documenting why the abrupt outage took please. Please be aware if you have a VPS with us and are still offline to please open a ticket so we can give you a new IP.

    Our old ISP in Portland took, at minimum, 1 or 2 /24's (256 IP's) and sold them to a viagra spam (on purpose) behind our backs. Since the subnets weren't in use by us at the time, we didn't know until after the fact.
    Spamhaus and a few others caught the spam and got extremely upset about it. We pleaded innocent in the whole case and pleaded with RIPE last month to let it all be (hense why there was a 20 - 30 minute burp in May).

    At the time we figured everything was fine and dandy and we had no more issues on hand until just this week we got an email from our upstream (bandwidth providers) informing us that RIPE was down their throat again and
    we had only 2 hours to resolve the issue. 3 phone calls to RIPE later we had no resolution in our favor and lost the subnets

    We've renumbered the majority of our customers but there is still a few needing IP's. If your VPS is down with us and had an 89 IP, please open a ticket so we can resolve it for you ASAP. Any user is welcome to ask for a credit
    on their services for this as well.

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