RaGEZONE section sponsorships available now!

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    RaGEZONE section sponsorships available now!


    I am now taking purchase requests for section sponsorships again , to purchase simply email me here. Prices will vary due to the activity of the section but all prices are now highly affordable and offer great advertising opportunity to you and your server!

    By sponsoring a section your banner will be displayed within the header of the sponsored forum and all threads too (and only your banner is displayed) and also including a write up of the advertisement and linking it to any url of your choice. The banner must be 468x60 pixels.

    Here is an example of a banner and an active sponsorship;

    If you look you will notice the "WOKFUSA" banner is clearly noticeable in the header of that section and in the second picture there is an advertisement thread, the banner and write up is also clearly visible there too! Imagine purchasing the MapleStory section and advertising your server there , or even purchasing the Habbo Hotel sections and placing your server there, thats guaranteed exposure and new users, every day!


    • 468 x 60 banner
    • a write up of what the advertisement contains (could be server stats, or services the website offers)
    • a valid active url

    To find out if a section is sponsored simply go to that section and look if a banner is in the location as pointed in the above images (WOKFUSA) if there is no banner located there then congratulations, that section is available and willing to be sponsored!

    If you are purchasing more than 1 section then the second section will be sold at half price, if you are purchasing more than 3 then I'll include more sections for free.


    All advertisers now have the ability to customize their banners at any time with our dedicated client control panel.

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