RaGEZONE to vBulletin 4.1?

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    RaGEZONE to vBulletin 4.1?


    It looks as if we will some time in the future we will be upgrading to the latest vbulletin release. My previous plan of upgrading to xenforo failed due to the lack of import support on the software therefore I created a secondary forum with that license called warRAGE.

    I'm unsure as to when exactly the upgrades will come about because paypal have clarified that I am deemed a security risk therefore I am not eligible to have any access within paypal and they recently banned my girlfriend too for reasons they have not explained to us yet. With these bannings also came me loosing allot of my savings from several months plus real life assets (ebay and other personal goods) too which has put me in a personal financial situation.

    So until I resolve my paypal issues or I get my account verified at 2checkout we wont be upgrading immediately but its going to happen some time in the near future. So start checking out vbulletin 4 ! Because once we upgrade RaGEZONE will receive ALLOT of new feature and upgrades.


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