So we have a new sponsor and migrated servers!

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    So we have a new sponsor and migrated servers!

    That's right!

    Sadly our old sponsor was unable to provide us with some basic essentials in terms of protection and upstream bandwidth but fear not! I'm proud to announce that we have a new main sponsor and RaGEZONE has successfully migrated over! With the help of HyperFilter we aim to increase our uptime, performance and protection immediately! As of right now our server are in a fully functional state and include a switch to a monstrous dedicated server each providing our web server and mysql server with dedicated instances to help stabilize all operations of our website.

    The new configuration that I've set and are currently working on will provide noticeable improved page load times and more. Whilst as of posting this all things are fine and smooth expect some possible temporary errors or outages (seconds..) in the event I monitor and tweak any back end configurations. Fun fact for you! The SQL server was successfully migrated over on Friday , did you notice?

    With that being said lets show our appreciation to our sponsor by visiting their website here or leaving a comment on their facebook or ragezone profile!



    What is HyperFilter?

    - HyperFilter are a team that specialize in remote DDOS protection , DDOS protected dedicated servers and DDOS protected web hosting. You can visit their official website here for more information.
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