(Updated; 04/08/09) news and updates regarding Ragezone

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    (Updated; 04/08/09) news and updates regarding Ragezone


    I would like to apologise for my absence in recent months, sadly I took it upon myself to enjoy life and to be some what lazy, now , I made sure I could keep ragezone online despite that but I have now returned full time again to ragezone and so I wish to announce a few things;

    Our previous sponsor had to sadly give up due to financial reasons but we are now sponsored by FranTech and thanks to this we have secured a deal to keep ragezone online with hardware for at least a year!!! now to show support please leave a comment on Fran's profile here at ragezone ; Deltanime.

    The updates;

    • MapleStory section reopened!!!
    • Forum software upgraded to latest version
    • Forum blog software upgraded to latest version (Including styling)
    • Skin changed (temp)
    • Users can now open and close their own threads
    • Tweaked user permissions on many things, such as deleting comments off your profile and additional customization privileges.
    • Private message tracking enabled for certain usergroups.
    • Replaced link to myspace page in your profile with facebook instead, update it here
    • Image resizer added
    • Automatic youtube embedding enabled (more sites added check [ame="http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=195884"]here[/ame]) (Copy and paste a link into topic and post and it will automatically convert)
    • All double posted content will now automatically merge to the above post including a timestamp.
    • Vbexperience now renabled, click your username to view your level and stats.
    • Forced reading of rules enabled.
    • Thanks hack added (To show appreciation to the topic maker for a release or assistance)
    • mobile/cell/pda/iphone compatability added, you can now view and post on ragezone via these devices and more!
    • tapatalk installed for iphone/ipod users
    • fixed attachment error
    • Arcaded added again for Alphas/Legends/Subscribers and staff
    • New buttons on forum homepage for new threads, rss and new posts.
    • Live topic installed (demonstration attached below)
    • Updated the auto embedding from yotuube to 100+ websites, to view a complete list visit [ame="http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=195884"]HERE[/ame].
    • Bookmark/Submit/Share your favourite threads to numerous websites using the bookmark table at the end of the thread posts.
    • Fixed email sending (Internal configuration bug)

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5vWvHTj0Y8"]YouTube - vBulletin - Live Topic v1.06b (demo)[/ame]

    - MentaL

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