World of Warcraft RZ (Major Change)

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    World of Warcraft RZ (Major Change)

    Hello all,

    RaGEZONE would like to inform all, about the changes it will be going through, this was not intented to happen but in order to provide the RaGEZONE users with a lagg-free fun server changes and sacrifices must be made.

    WoWEmu, the most popular World of Warcraft server on the net, with regular updates and outstanding maintanance by our host Karnage, will have to be taken offline for ever...

    However, transffering the accounts to the new server has not yet been decided for the new server which will be hosted again by Karnage, with all the regular updates and the outstanding Maintanance. The server will be run on MangOS Server Files, as this seems to be the only server with the future for World of Warcraft RaGEZONE, the features and the advantages, disadvantages can be viewed under the World of Warcraft RZ section.

    This is for the best of both, Karnage and RaGEZONE users, the amount he is paying just for WoWEmu at the moment is more than he should pay, having to pay WoWEmu and the new MangOS server at the same time is unaffordable.

    New sections will be added for World of Warcraft RZ:

    - World of Warcraft MangOS
    -- General Server Discussion
    -- Market Place
    -- Guild Chat
    -- Support

    We found that this will help users navigate quickly to a certain point and have an easy understanding of what information is where. would like to thank Karnage for his amazing support by hosting WoWEmu and adding all those updates to the server, but have no fear Karnage is going no where, he is still hosting your number 1 World of Warcraft server... RaGEZONE.

    Thank you.


    RaGEZONE Staff.
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    ahh...sub forums! I think i just soiled myself!

    Thanks so much :D