[Re-Release] All newest Regions working

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    Re: [Re-Release] All newest Regions working

    I don't download Attached Files please help to me

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    Re: [Re-Release] All newest Regions working

    Can someone gimme the warps ? to make the new teleports. TY

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    Re: [Re-Release] All newest Regions working

    would be nice if someone could give the warps ;)

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    Re: [Re-Release] All newest Regions working

    Quote Originally Posted by lemoniscool View Post
    I want to release the Data.pk2 and Map.pk2 from Silkroad Europe, Caosfox and i worked together on this it supports:
    • Styria Clash
    • Event Ghost
    • Baghdad
    • all Survival Arenas
    • Muhan
    • All fortresses (including const)
    • working navmesh to prevent the walk bug near sro-r quest tents
    • and many other things (like all new avatars/pets etc)

    All those regions are bug-free unlike in other releases where baghdad wasnt working when adding const fw or hotan fw wasnt working after adding baghdad etc etc

    Aside of the Data/Map.pk2 part i also release the Database/Client lines you need in order to make them work 100%


    [Important Note]
    All the .rar files are packed with WinRAR v5.10 you HAVE to use it else you will encounter problems unpacking.

    Just execute the SQL script i attached to this thread and copy the _RefRegion lines to refregion.txt inside your client. Use the Data/Map.pk2 from the download in your client, in case you have any customization inside yours use Drews PK2 Extractor to extract both versions, then copy your version into my version overwriting everything that needs to be overwritten and pack it together as a new PK2 by using Drews PK2 Builder.

    - Added server_dep.rar to attachments including all files for the media.pk2
    - Updated regionsSQL.rar which is now also including _RefInstance_World_Region lines

    i cant download attach ! please re-upload

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    Re: [Re-Release] All newest Regions working

    after 3 days of testing every ''arabia release'' ofc all of them were bugged,this guy made a sql script to be executed within 1min O.o' hats off dude,it works with sql 2005 too,in case anyone wonders xD

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    Re: [Re-Release] All newest Regions working

    I notice in vsro; the cave in Downhang is block; will this fix that issue as well?

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