Travian Kingdoms (T5) Development + DEMO version

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    config Travian Kingdoms (T5) Development + DEMO version

    Travian Kingdoms (T5) Development + DEMO version
    Hello everyone,

    since my last post was moved from here cause of the title I'll write a new one more clearly
    (Admins, do note that it is completely different post than the last time, and I believe it should remain in this section of the forum, thank you)

    I'm developing Travian Kingdoms Clone

    Here are some screenshots:


    Note that this isn't written like the original (I believe original was written in JavaScript)
    This is made in UNITY ENGINE, engine that is used usually to create regular games

    But I see an advantage here since this way it will be possible to export this on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, WebGL...)

    I want to hear your thoughts on this, is it worth it?, does it look okay?, what can I do to make it better? and what should I do with it? Should I give it away, like free for anyone to use, or make my own server?
    Note also that if you do get this, It isn't editable, at all, since you will just get an exe file(WINDOWS) or what ever platform you get..

    What have I made so far?
    • I made a city View where you can build all the buildings that are available

    • Village View where you can upgrade your resource fields

    • Map View where you can see all map tiles (I used T3 tiles since I don't have a gpack for T5 and it is similar since both are isometric tiles, not like T4 which are basic squares)

    • I made hover selection for all map tiles, resource fields and build sites, You can see some on screenshots

    • Building Panels, not yet finished but you are able to see picture of the building, amount of res needed and upgrade it

    • GUI (Graphic User Interface) which I have copied from the original, it looks okay to me, but it can be better

    • Building Queue, now you can build multiple buildings in a row...

    • I copied entire database of buildings, building levels, and res needed for it (this took the most time, and it is the most boring thing ever, Thankfully XML helped)

    • I also organized building so you can't build more of the same, and you need to have requirements

    What I still need to do?

    • First of all, I need to connect all this to a database, so it can actually be an mmo

    • I need to find a good gpack that is the most similar to the original (or do it myself, something I actually wouldn't like to do) All sprites I have are actually from screenshoting the original game, and photoshoping it...

    • I still need to make units, unit movement, attacking, and combat simulator

    • Make the map more interactive, so far you can only see each tile name and coordinates, It has to be clickable and interactable

    • Create an AI for nature and natars

    • Add WW and artefact villages

    • Make bunch of tables like statistics, information...

    • Create messaging and notifications

    • Add more GUI elements, and shortcuts (barracks, stable, market...)

    • Do some heavy optimisation

    • And bunch of other smaller things

    If you think I missed something, please let me know..

    Here is a demo of what I have so far:


    If you do try the demo, please, post a reply here and at least write "I tried it"
    but I would so apriciate a feedback

    Also note that it is not yet optimised very well so it can be slow loading...
    Anyway that's it from me, I'll probably post more screenshots later, and demo updates
    Until the first test, than I'll write another post asking you nicely to participate so we can find as many bugs as possible

    Another thing I want to mention is, If anyone can get me a close-enough-to-original gpack, I will give him source files and everything I have
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    Re: Travian Kingdoms (T5) Development + DEMO version

    This is an amazing development thread!
    Keep up the work :-)!

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    Re: Travian Kingdoms (T5) Development + DEMO version


    Quality of the game looks really bad its best to do it with "web standards" instead of Unity.
    If "website" is responsive then no need for unity
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