[HELP] Character data failed to be processed [Ep10]

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    [HELP] Character data failed to be processed [Ep10]

    [HELP] Character data failed to be processed [Ep10]
    Hi im a newbie in developing ran online with slight knowledge in c++

    Source code used is from this thread:

    As the title said "Character data failed to be processed"

    -I already searched online and follow all what's in the threads
    -I already enable my tcp/ip
    -I allowed the apps in my firewall(svragent,svrlogin,svrfield,svrsession and their ini files)
    -My cfg and param are all the same in IP

    but still "Character data failed to be processed". Can you help me with this?

    SS below:

    Update: Already fix
    Solution made: Used 2 PC to work. My vmware, hamachi, ip interceptor is not working, i think.
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    Re: [HELP] Character data failed to be processed [Ep10]

    do you see any indicated error in the console of your server files? it might be a missing table column or try to check your server files port first
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