v1.5.5 Client Downgraded and Translated

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    v1.5.5 Client Downgraded and Translated

    I've been tinkering with the idea of downgrading the current v1.5.7 public client... I was wanting to use the new fashion, flyers, mounts, etc... It was easier than I expected... I went the extra mile, and got the new maps working too... The new maps do not have npcs or mobs due to no server side npcgen.data files, but was still fun exploring the new maps... Then I heard how the Chinese client was ahead of ARC's, so i grabbed a copy of there client and tried downgrading it... Come to find out, they are on version 1.6.0... And yes they are in the process of creating 2 new toons... Just to clarify, this is still a v1.5.5 client... The new skills, gs file, or anything aipolicy related does not work... All of the maps are able to be explored, most of the new fashion, mounts, and flyers do work... Most of the new quests work too... I have the whole storyline quest-chain for Neverfall currently working in my server... Had to make a few adjustments, but it does work...

    This is a v1.6.0 (2018-09-04 build 2727) Chinese client downgraded (and translated using ARC's 1.5.7 client) down to v1.5.5... You'll need to have a working v1.5.5 server already setup... I tested using Altruist's v1.5.5 server setup...

    I modified paths in the elements.data file due to having to move the new models2 data to another pck file... Moved models2 data to textures.pck, and moved models2/players back to models.pck... To give models.pck a little more breathing room I moved a few npc models to textures.pck with models2 data... So in a nut shell, this elements.data will have to stay with the client... It can be modified, anyway you want...

    The Chinese copy of litmodels.pck was at max size, so I cleaned out 12k of unused bmd files reducing its size by half a gb...

    I tried keeping everything official as possible... Only custom thing I added, was the npc in west archo allowing you to explore the new maps... I created new precinct and region files for server side from ALL of the v1.6.0 maps... Created new server side world_targets which will fix all of the new teleport points... Partly translated the Chinese gshops just for kicks... Tasks.data is downgraded, but English only to where 1.5.7 client left off... Removed some title quests from tasks.data related to a91, due to causing server error... Also removed quest that kicks you out of a91 when closed...

    The launcher/patcher is from old Horizon client... It doesn't try loading ARC software, and does work with CPW... I also included Launcher skins all the way up to Wonderland... Just rename the folders, and image accordingly...

    SETUP :

    Copy the server side files on top of your current v1.5.5 server...
    Add the config settings to your gs.conf and gsalias.conf files...
    Set your ip in serverlist.txt client side...
    Start the new maps accordingly server side...

    New maps beyond v1.5.5 :

    is78 is79 is84 is85 is86 is87
    is88 is89 is90 is91 is93 is94
    is95 is96 is97 is98

    I learned a lot from this whole process, and really enjoy playing with the files... If anything you could extract bits from it and do what ever...

    PS : Map a97 looks amazing... Perfect World really out done them selves on that one... I can't wait to see it in a fully functional state... :)

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    Re: v1.5.5 Client Downgraded and Translated

    And for those who wish to download, note that it is ~14.7GB in size.
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    Re: v1.5.5 Client Downgraded and Translated


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    Re: v1.5.5 Client Downgraded and Translated

    That's not enough information to work with...

    Did the server work prior to adding the new maps...?

    Did you add the new info to the gs.conf and gsalias.conf properly...?

    Did you add the map related files to /configs/ folder...?

    Are you starting the maps properly...?
    I don't care if its spelled wrong...

    I spelled it that way on purpose...