Anyone want's to open a new server?

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    Anyone want's to open a new server?

    Before I start. I'd like to apologise to Moderators if this ain't the place to post this kind of thread here.
    If so, please move the thread to the correct section. If thread must be deleted, give me a message!

    Hello PW'ers. I'd like to know if anyone is willing to open a new server and having a great developing skills and no money to open his own server without getting paid for work, but just doing just because of loving what your doing.

    Well I've tried something myself long time ago, but I was horrible Dev. Actually, I wasn't Dev at all. I was just using the tools and following simple tutorials, lol.

    My idea is to create a classic PW server (1.3.6. ofc) with no cash shop or Pay to Play.
    A old classic PWI server. No custom shit or anything. Just lvl up, go do quests, FB, HH and so on. Get geared up and PvP. Of course adding some extra rates. I just really miss the old times and I hate most of the new stuff that PWI has come by. There is no place to play such a server, so I came up with this idea of creating my own server. Actually, just paying for the server.

    Second idea is to re-create an old private server I've played before - Fake Perfect World.

    So yeah, I am kinda recruiting a Dev team lol.
    If any of you are interested or have something to offer me, give me a message. :)


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    Re: Anyone want's to open a new server?

    i'm interesing !

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    Re: Anyone want's to open a new server?

    Im interesing too, i have 4 years experience with a wow server , and few weeks ago i thinking like you , and started somehow a server development