Design thoughts.

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    Design thoughts.

    Hello, I'm a recently joined member of RageZone as well as being a new 'member' of the Web Design as well as the Web Development community.

    I've been trying to come up with different designs for a fun little project I'm working on, however, I can't get the colour schemes right.

    Here's an example of an uncompleted piece;

    Please give me honest opinions on the designs, as well as how I'd be able to improve it.
    Thank you!

    P.S The massive gap between the above text and the image is due to there being a giant white space where the footer was supposed to be.

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    Re: Design thoughts.

    Color can be quite tricky to get the hang of. What you need to do is pick a primary color, this will be used for majority of your website. Then you want to find an accent color to support your primary color, the accent color can be used for buttons and icons.

    My best advice is to visit and go through their color section.

    You have conflicting color on the text inside your header, its hard to read. You have 4 different colors in such a small area.
    Here are some flat colors you can use aswell: Flat UI Colors - Color Pallette from Flat UI Theme

    Here is also a palette for your primary colors (they aren't the exact shades, but you get the idea):

    The header is good in terms of information. You introduce yourself briefly and have a call to action (button) for people to view your work, which is the reason people are on your website. Right off the bat tho, your image doesn't tell me anything about web design, If i didn't read the text I would feel like I'm visiting a traveling website.

    The second section is also quite boring. Make the headers stronger and maybe add some icons to add some life to it. Refer back to the palette above to get an idea of text colors.

    For projects, you want the images to be more dominant than the text. Clients care more about the visual work than text. You made the date more important than anything else about the project. Clients don't really care about what tools you used either, but I get what you're doing, you are just filling up space with information.

    A good inspiration is to look at themeforest and see what others have done. Please note its only for inspiration, not plagiarism


    These are just some quick ones I found

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    Re: Design thoughts.

    Ah, cheers! I shall check out the links in your post and try to use them to my advantage.