Found an old website from 2016

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    Found an old website from 2016

    So back in 2016 I started working on a wiki like website for dota 2 and diablo 2. It was for a small community. Never really got around to finishing it due to complications with the community. It was far from finished, It just brought back some old memories I thought I'd love to share!

    In diablo 2 there are items that have whats called "history", since there is a lot of duping that goes on in that game, expensive items are required to have history of its previous owners before people would consider buying it.

    The main purpose of the website was to give players an updated list of rare items and their history. Here is some features:

    08 items list + history
    Trusted + reputable diablo members (based else where, not by me)
    updated S/A reports and links
    reputable services (levelers, clashing etc)
    Item information
    Class Information
    Latest News
    Bugs and tricks
    Bots and programs
    Much more

    The dota 2 section was quite simple. It just gave information about heros and items. This was never built into a CMS tho, and with the amount of changes Dota 2 has had, I'm glad I didn't continue the project. I would have spent hours updating the site