This is my portfolio

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    Re: This is my portfolio

    Thank you very much Ketchup!

    I found something very very old. Baldur's Gate Forums Project (still using):

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    Re: This is my portfolio

    spotnet is a good layout overall, the only advice I'd give for that is fading the lower-half of the background symbol more so it doesn't distract from the content, and your drop-down menu in the navigation is small and squashed.

    The second layout with the 'play' button is alright, but looks a bit like a learning attempt with the orange not suiting the layout and content being both left and right aligned, which messes up eye movement and makes it harder for users to read through. The background would also be hard to keep crisp on varying device sizes.

    The third layout, engine001 is pretty nice. Clean and simple, looks very templated but most sites do these days because clean styles are very mainstream now thankfully. I'd put it second in my favourites of your layouts.

    The Grimms layout looks similar in attempt to layout 2 - it feels like an experiment of different styles. At least the content is equally aligned in this one, but the images on the left with rounded corners don't match the rest of the layout, and the border wrapping around the right-hand side of the layout feels too separate. With 'scroll style' content it'd have been better to remove the overall border and keep it free-flowing and put the border around all the left boxes as a section, I feel.

    Layout 5 and 6 are similar in feel - clean and professional, similar to layout 3. No real issues besides the body font text being very small. You should aim for at least 16px.

    The KuKuRuZa popcorn is a good attempt at varying things up, the only things I'd consider changing here is using a traditional slider style with circles indicating slides rather than those numbers - they feel stretched and the font is a bit tacky. Also the red bar at the very top should have the links evenly spaced to accommodate the entire bar, likewise with the nav. Space them out a bit more so there's not so much space on the right.

    Hill Top Brew is probably your best layout in my opinion. Clean, professional, with only the body text needing to be larger. I can tell by this point you'd learned more :).

    The Viking Winners layout is... not so good. It feels more like an experimentation whilst learning design, a stepping stone.

    Charbonos is similar to Hill Top Brew in style and as such now becomes my second favourite in your list. I'd try to restyle the logo though as the thin red text with white stroke isn't very clear, at least in this smaller size in the thread.

    Your Knight project is pretty nice, the red banner is the only thing that feels out of place to me. It needs more texturing to feel realistic and/or gritty to match your background. Here you have a dusty, faded background evoking a grungy feeling and then a clean banner. The ripples in it are a nice touch but I'd use a fabric overlay and darken it, burn some edges and scratch more damage into it.

    Your forums project looks great. As an old timer with forum skins I can tell you this is pretty nicely made if it's live. I know vBulletin (looks like vBulletin?) has smaller fonts by default so I won't point that out in that image. For readability I'd probably make the left sidebar links a bit brighter but that's just nit-picking because I find nothing wrong :).
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