PureElement Website Design Sample

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    PureElement Website Design Sample

    Was making a new website design to sample and demo.
    I don't do coding for websites, but I can create web designs.

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    shout Re: PureElement Website Design Sample

    Ooookay, so I'm assuming this is an opinion section since I've never posted here. The title stuck out to me, so.. This is really just me nitpicking mostly. Here goes:

    • Too many gradients in random-ish places
    • The arrows are inconsistent (see the learn more button and the left/right slider buttons)
    • The font is inconsistent
    • The bold font is really unprofessional looking. Maybe if it were a science fair project...
    • The padding between the items in the navigation bar seem to be inconsistent
    • The green buttons seem to compromise on contrast
    • The buttons have an inconsistent font size
    • You have a typo in the footer ("abouts us")
    • Capitalization is inconsistent as well. Why isn't the description uppercase?
    • The vertical lines have an inconsistent width (see the separators of the upper sign up/login button and then the navigation bar)
    • "OUR SERVICES" is hard to read due to it having transparency on top of the copyright thing under it
    • The overall design looks like something straight out of 2009, honestly...
    • The navigation bar pops out on the left by a pixel or 2, whereas it's flush with the side on the right
    • The line that separates the "news" columns horizontally protrudes on the left as well, but not on the right

    Of course, this is me speaking from a "modern" perspective, and my sense of design differs from others.
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    Re: PureElement Website Design Sample

    Looks like something you can make in paint.