Speculative mental health website

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    Speculative mental health website

    Speculative mental health website
    Speculative design project we had to do. The website is fully functional

    Brief: Pick a problem that we have today, design a futuristic solution to it.

    Mine was for mental health, and the main design decision I did was to move away from the blue color scheme that hospitals and doctors use. The product is a portable headset that scans and repairs the brain.

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    Re: Speculative mental health website

    Thanks for sharing. I used to think that people with mental health issues were just weak or I don't know what. But now I understand better that it's an unfortunate affliction that you can't control and only work on making better. I suffered from mild depression for the last 20 years and didn't know until a couple of years ago when it got a lot worse. I took a therapist through LifeStance Health and she helped me a lot. Now my mental health is better than before and I think more quietly, fast and it brings me a lot of positive thoughts.
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