[GUIDE] Stop your IP being resolved via Skype!

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    [GUIDE] Stop your IP being resolved via Skype!

    Hey RaGEZONE,

    I'm here to give you a small tutorial on how you can stop people from resolving your IP via Skype. Basically what this does is this will stop skype resolvers from getting your real IP. The IP that shows will be for Microsoft, Cogent, HE or some other trunk internet provider. So as long as you don't take calls from bad people / block them/delete them, your IP is safe.

    As this is in BETA, this is not 100%. I say that because your IP can be resolved if someone is added as a contact. However, that will be your fault if someone from your contact list isn't trustworthy with your Skype name. This is good for people who're not added to your list, trying to resolve your IP.

    Windows Users: Get Skype BETA v6.5 (see below).
    Mac Users: Get the latest version of Skype v6.4 (see below).



    NOTE: If you use XAMPP on your personal computer, you will need to uncheck the box "use port 80 and 443 as alternatives" shown in the screenies, or it will cause conflict with Apache.

    Windows: http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-bet...-desktop-users
    Mac: Download Skype on your computer - Mac, Windows, Linux - Skype (Scroll down a bit & click Mac).

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