[GUIDE] [HOW-TO] Teamviewer Guide

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    [GUIDE] [HOW-TO] Teamviewer Guide

    i think teamviewer already post by other forum or maybe still new

    i just wanna share about team viewer. just not don'r punish please

    What is TeamVeiwer?TeamViewer same as RDP(Remote Desktop But More Complex)

    Function TeamViewer:
    - Remote Anywhere your PC
    - Transfer Easy than you must using FTP,etc
    - Can Make Presentation Too

    How To Install:

    1. Download from TeamViewer or using torrent(for pro licensed)
    2. Open Setup

    3. Next and next until finish
    4. Open TeamViewer

    5. now you can remote wherever you go. just make it sample im connect to my Main PC in my Labs

    6. here you go. you can easy manage too.

    Okay that tutorial from me hope usefull. i hope this forum more for technology info too. Sir Mental hope you make great forum.(no leecher, scam and flammer)

    Sorry for useless topic. i just try share what i got.


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