[GUIDE] Tech Tips: Cable Management Guide 101

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    Re: Tech Tips: Cable Management Guide 101

    But who needs a guide for managing cables with a modular PSU? Look at me, did em quite good considering it isnt modular :P

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    Re: Tech Tips: Cable Management Guide 101

    dude nicely done ... the case looks like its pretty good choice in sense of CM ... had a hard time myself with CM in mine thu plus i'm a lazy fk and wanted to get on with it asap so big respect for that and it looks fkin awesome man and makes me wonna redo mine ... if i just had the time for it

    i have no affiliation to that site ... i just like those f*#@#s :D

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    Re: Tech Tips: Cable Management Guide 101

    DOing this is VERY timely. To put this into perspective.. my UPS delivery didnt get to my house until about 5pm, I got off work at 2:30 specifically to work on teh computer. I gave myself 2 horus to break every component down, clean every single thing and start putting together a work area. I didn't finish putting my computer back together and powering up until about 11pm. That was 6 straight hours, with a small dinner break, to getting it done.

    6 hours! I can say though, it really gives you something to do!

    I think my next plan is to take one of my old 24 pin extensions and seperate each wire, and give it a good wire wrapping session. That, or I can get lazy and just order one online for 16 bucks (FrozenCPU).

    If you want something to do on the weekend, pull out your computer and spend a day cleaning it out and rewiring it all up.. make it purr like a kitten once again!

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    Re: Tech Tips: Cable Management Guide 101

    Last time I check, my supermarket sells all the sleeves and cable what the point? Anyways thats thank for your kind advertisement.

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    Re: Tech Tips: Cable Management Guide 101

    Well since somebody else necro'd it...I'll add my 2 cents :)

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