Tech Tips & Tutorials - Posting Guidelines & Quality Assurance

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    Tech Tips & Tutorials - Posting Guidelines & Quality Assurance


    These guidelines are in addition to the RaGEZONE Forum Rules.

    When posting a tutorial, you should consider the following:
    1. Has a similar thread has been posted before?
    2. Is the thread really necessary or useful e.g. a guide to running ipconfig in command prompt?
    3. Does the thread belong in the MMORPG development sections? A thread about MSSQL may be more relevant in a development section that focuses on the usage of MSSQL.
    4. Do you have the relevant, correct and up to date information for an informative and useful tutorial?
    5. Would a video guide would be more ideal?
    6. Are you using terms and abbrevations that people may not be familiar with?
    7. Have you made the tutorial as simple - but as informative - as possible, breaking it down into steps/chapters?

    Threads in this section require moderation. Threads will be judged to be quality if they meet the following standards:

    1. The clarity of the tutorial in terms of spacing of text and how easy it is to read
    2. The use of images to demonstrate steps in your tutorial
    3. Good layout through paragraphing, bullet points etc.
    4. A requirements section with necessary components, tools any experience
    5. The quality of images used
    6. Proper English and grammatical usage (slang terms/text speak/lack of commas etc makes things look untidy and unprofessional)
    7. Usage of headings for each step and sub-step

    Video guides should also follow adhere to set quality guidelines:
    1. Audio quality should be as clear as possible, especially if the video contains running commentary
    2. All videos should be in English
    3. The quality of video should be very good for obvious reasons
    4. Spoken English should be clear and understandable. Tip: try not to speak too fast so that people who don't speak English very well don't have trouble understanding
    5. Showing tits in your videos is optional, but will likely net you a few more points

    I would recommend you look at Sardaukar's cable management thread as an example of an excellent tutorial. Tutorial quality assurance standards can change at any time.


    We reserve the right to remove any pictures, links, posts or threads as we see fit without notifying you or providing a reason. If you feel that we have unjustly removed your content, feel free to contact a super. We're sure they'll be more than happy to help you.
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