[Tutorial] Automatic Antivirus Setup.

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    Now this may seem trivial to some, but I'm learning, as more and more people come to me with their computers and laptops that have become unusable due to the amount of adware and virus on them, that there are a lot of people in this world who do not know this is possible....so here's a tutorial!

    Want the best protection available, in my opinion, for your computer or laptop without spending a dime? Well here is a way to set up your machine to completely protect itself from internal attacks without you ever having to do a thing.

    First things first, Download Microsoft Security Essentials and Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6.2 and install them as you would any other program.

    MSE ended it's support of XP a few months ago, so you cannot get it if you are using XP and I know there is a version 2.+ for Spybot but I tried it and it's ridiculously a resource hog and do not recommend it.

    After the programs are installed and you have rebooted your machine, open Microsoft Security Essentials. It should look like this:

    Click the tab called Settings that I have highlighted in the picture and it will open a new tab that looks like this:

    The first option available is what you want, use the drop down boxes to select "Full Scan" and a day and time you want it to run. I highly recommend a time you are sure no one will be on the computer so they don't get annoyed by it running in the background and stop it...I chose Saturday night at 2AM because I always have to be in bed by then for work the next day

    Save your changes and close it out....it is now in your toolbar doing it's thing...protecting you. That's it for that one!

    Now open up Spybot...it should look like this:

    Click the option on the left called Settings, as is highlighted in the picture above....and you will see this:

    Now click the Scheduler option highlighted above and this will open:

    On your Spybot scheduler the "Add" option will not be greyed out because you have not set one up yet, so click the option "Add" and a Windows box will open up that looks like this:

    Now click the button highlighted above to open the scheduler:

    As with MSE use the drop down boxes to select a date and time to run the program....as with MSE choose a time when no one is on the computer so it will run freely. After selecting your time and date click apply and close it down....it is now in the toolbar, silently protecting you....and will run when it's scheduled to.

    The only thing you will have to do to maintain this protection is update the programs....that is also very simple. It doesn't have to be done daily...or even weekly. Once a month should be enough.

    To update MSE open the program and click the tab "Update":

    Then click the button "Update":

    You can now close the program...it will continue updating in the background and the new definitions will be used next time the automatic scan runs.

    Spybot is even easier to update...in your toolbar find the Spybot icon:

    Right click it to see the options:

    Click "Search for updates" and a new box will open up:

    Choose a download location that is near to you, you can right click that location and set it as your preferred location so you will never have to choose again, and then a new box will open up:

    Tick all available options then click the "Download" button on the bottom...it will update everything automatically and when it's done just click "Exit"....that's it!

    Now that you have Spybot installed you can further protect yourself using an option within it called Immunize...what this will do is edit your Hosts file in Windows and redirect any known malicious webpages and software to to protect you from not only adware and viruses but even popup and other malicious things. To Immunize your computer make sure you close all internet browsers and open up the Spybot program:

    Click the "Immunize" option on the left. When you click it it will warn you if any browsers are open and direct you to close them so nothing will be loaded and it will correctly immunize all browsers available...after that's done click OK and it will check and see what all it can protect you from:

    When it is done click the "Immunize" button highlighted above and it will edit everything needed to protect you from all the badness the internet has to offer automatically....it may take a while to do...just wait it out. When it's done...close Spybot and your done!

    With these programs your computer will run smooth and virus/adware free for years to come....the rest is up to you. If you download something and notice it's not there, it's probably because it was a virus infected program and these programs deleted it to protect you....if you disable that option and continue to run said program you are taking your safety into your own hands.

    I am not responsible if you do not follow the steps exactly and mess something up....I do not own any stake in the success of these programs...I just personally use these programs and recommend them to anyone who asks.

    Have fun and Happy computing!
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