Musashi lives with his father. His mother left them three years ago. Musashi believes she will come back to them. One day they move from Tokyo to a village in the countryside.
Soon after moving to the countryside, Musashi happens to see a man fishing for bass with a decoy fish. Musashi is fascinated by lure fishing. He learns a lot from the man, and discovers that his mother's father was a grand champion of bass fishing. Musashi feels that fishing could lead him to his missing mother.

GRANDER MUSASHI RV :~ There is a legend, which says that the person who discovers the hidden legendary fishing lures called Legenders can obtain the power to rule the entire world!
Musashi and his friends set out on a long journey to find the 7 Legenders secretly hidden all over the world in order to become G Master.

This series was launched a year after the main Grander Musashi (1997) series in year 1998 by Nippon Animation.

Screenies :-

Its a old Anime
i used to watch it 8 yrs back :(
and i am not able to get the movie for download
any1 has it ?
i have only the Chinese version :P