TV & Film Section Rules [28/02/17]

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    TV & Film Section Rules [28/02/17]

    TV & Film Section Rules [28/02/17]
    Remember that the forum rules run along this section's rules too. They can be found here!

    Please find below in the spoiler tag a list of the section's prefixes which are necessary when making a thread!
    [DOCU] for discussions regarding Documentaries
    [TV] for discussions regarding TV Shows.
    [MOVIE] or [FILM] for discussions regarding movies or film.
    [TRAILER] - This tag can be used for TV or Film trailers.
    [18+] To be used when posting adult content and in addition with a tag up top. Example: [MOVIE 18+] <Insert Name Here>
    [REVIEW] for users who desire to write Reviews on TV shows or Films. However, since you are reviewing any given tv show or film, you must also end your thread title with. Example: [REVIEW] The Avengers!
    [ANIME] for a discussion about Anime

    Please consider the following before posting a thread:

    1. Remember to use the correct prefix in your thread title! (Mentioned above)
    2. If the topic has a spoiler alert, be sure to use the spoiler tags [spoiler][/ spoiler]
    3. Please ensure that the topic hasn't been posted previously. Before posting, please use the search bar to check if what you're about to post is already out there!
    4. Make sure your thread topic is worth posting! People want to see interesting subjects, not something that they will simply skip.

    If you're posting in a thread, please consider the following:

    1. Be sure to not go off-topic and stay on the subject of the thread.
    2. Discussing a TV/FILM subject is not an issue. Just make sure it doesn't turn into a flame war.
    3. If someone has decided to post something that doesn't fit the guidelines, report it. Do not take matters into your own hands to try and resolve the issue by conflict.
    4. Make sure you're not posting everywhere. Post too often and it'll be marked as spam and deleted.
    5. One of RaGEZONE's global rules state that posting in a thread that is past two weeks of post inactivity is not allowed. In this section however, necro posting is allowed (to an extent) as long as the content has some form of value to it.

    Anyone who fails to comply with the section's rules will receive a warning and if continued, an infraction! These rules are subject to change at random times. The last change date is in the title.

    If you're unsure of something, contact myself or our supervisor via Private Message.

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