[TV] Mr.Robot

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    Re: [TV] Mr.Robot

    [TV] Mr.Robot
    Quote Originally Posted by Wreckless View Post
    Yeah, and it seems like the creators of this show actually know something about computers and hacking. They don't make up terms and fake technology to make it seem more complicated then it is. In other shows and movies they say shit like, "In order for me to hack into the network, I'll have to change the flux capacitor from medium to maximum overdrive, that'll force the X variables to unlock and open the network to any intruders." WTF<
    Perfect example.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8qgehH3kEQ

    As far as I know, Sam Esmail has technical consultants at his disposal.

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    Re: [TV] Mr.Robot

    Season 2 trailer is out. Looks great, more violence this time around from what I can tell.

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